A Little Insight — The Color Purple

When people walk into the corporate office at Private Care Resources, they almost always comment on the different shades of purple there! The walls are painted a soft lavender color and the employees’ uniform tops are a deep shade of lavender. The in-home charts are a deep purple. On the shelves are purple binders. Even the plants have different shades of purple pots. Even our marketing materials contain various shades of purple.

Why do I like the color purple? I don’t really know why … I just like it! All shades, from the palest orchid and lavenders to the deepest, richest violets. The color purple is intriguing.

I decided to research what the color purple actually means. Here are some of the things I found:

Ann Bender, MHA, BSN, RNC, CMC



  • Purple combines the stability of blue, the coolest color and the fierce energy of red, the warmest color.  Due to this combination purple is believed to be the ideal color.
  • It is said if you surround yourself with purple, you will have peace of mind.  It is a good color to use in meditation.  It clears the mind of any negative influences, calms the nerves, and relieves stress.
  • Orchid, lavender, and violet flowers are considered special and precious flowers.
  • Purple is associated with healing and protection.
  • Purple is a very powerful psychic color. It is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence and creativity.  It has been used to inspire, motivate, and put into action many creative ideas.
  • Purple generated good chi.  In the meaning of color it represents the future, imagination and dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions. It can uplift spirits and calm the mind and nerves.
  • Violet has been the color of the humanitarian, using better judgement to do good for others. It is the color of good judgement. Combining power, sensitivity and humanity, violet can achieve much for those less fortunate.
  • There is a lot of good energy surrounding the color purple; compassion, kindness and love of humanity.


Look at the essence of the “purple cow”. Even in a crowd of perfect, excellent in home care providers… a purple one would be REMARKABLE. And as you know, something REMARKABLE is worth paying attention to. This is the essence of purple at Private Care Resources.  We are REMARKABLE in providing dignified, compassionate and healing care.